Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2nd Series

Shirt: KL-CH01: IDR 189.000 SOLD OUT

Blazer: KL-J01: IDR 329.000 LAST PIECE

Vest: KL-V01: IDR 289.000 SOLD OUT

T-Shirt: KL-LS02: IDR 179.000 SOLD OUT
Skirt: KL-BS01: IDR 219.000 (available color: dusty pink and créme) SOLD OUT

 T-Shirt: KL-LS01: IDR 219.000 LAST PIECE

Blouse: KL-BL01: IDR 169.000 SOLD OUT

Blouse: KL-BL02: IDR 169.000

Jacket: KL-J02: IDR 279.000

Necklace: KL-G01: IDR 79.000

Necklace: KL-T01: IDR 69.000

Necklace: KL-T02: IDR 69.000

1st Series

Top: KL-TC01: IDR 149.000 (available color: black and dusty purple)  SOLD OUT
Bottom: KL-BS01: IDR 219.000 (available color: dusty pink and créme) SOLD OUT

Vest: KL-VCV: IDR 279.000  SOLD OUT

Dress: KL - DCV: IDR 289.000  SOLD OUT

Dress: KL - DSB: IDR 295.000  SOLD OUT

Maxi Shirt: KL-THB: IDR 229.000  LAST PIECE

Maxi Shirt: KL-THG: IDR 169.000  LAST PIECE

Top: KL-TDC01: IDR 169.000  LAST PIECE

 Top: KL-TDC02: IDR 169.000  TWO MORE PIECES

Top: KL-TDC03: IDR 169.000  LAST PIECE
Necklace: KL-NG01: IDR 89.000  SOLD OUT

Necklace: KL-NB01: IDR 49.000  SOLD OUT 

Top: KL-TDC04: IDR 169.000  SOLD OUT
Necklace: KL-NB02: IDR 79.000  SOLD OUT

Top:  KL-TC02: IDR 149.000  SOLD OUT
Necklace: KL-NB03: IDR 49.000  SOLD OUT

 Necklace:  KL-NN01: IDR 89.000  SOLD OUT